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ACADEMICS. The 2nd quarter has been extended until January 22nd.  All midterm exams have been cancelled and those days replaced with hybrid classes.  Please check the website calendar for details.

BOOKSTORE. All new purchases and previous purchases will be available for pickup on Tuesday or Thursday, the week of January 11th. Thank you.

GROWTH MINDSET.  Let's acknowledge that we really "didn't deserve this," to be dealing with a pandemic for months on end, but here we are.  We can recall times in the past that we each have done incredible things and keep moving forward now.

Try your best and do what you can. It's ok if learning is hard or takes some time, but don't give up! You just don't know how to do this YET. But you will learn if you keep trying. Keep working at it. And now that we are home more, HERE is a poster you can put up, and HERE is another one. 

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