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Friday Night Lights - Honoring Brendan Moyna

(l to r) Kevin, Kealy '14, Katheen '88, Kacey '19, Brendan  and Kristian '16

“A good tree, that is, a good heart as well as a soul
on fire with charity can do nothing
but good and holy works.” - St. Angela Merici

Friday, October 15, 2021 - 6:30 - 9:30 pm

at the home of Chris and Rick Trizano P'11'17




Everyone and everything that Brendan Moyna touched was made so much better, and The Ursuline School community was no exception. A person of deep faith and boundless energy, Brendan’s motto was “we got this.” His spirit was infectious! Brendan inspired hundreds of Ursuline student-athletes through his volunteer coaching of the Lacrosse teams. He was instrumental in building up the Lacrosse program, but more importantly, Brendan built up the young women in his care. Any former player will tell you that anyone who experiences a mentor like Brendan Moyna is truly blessed. The proud husband of an alumna and the devoted father of three alumnae, Brendan was “all in” for Ursuline and left a spectacular legacy at the school, upon which we are proud to build. 

(l to r) Brendan and Kathleen '88 on Senior Day with Kealy '14, and with Kristian '16 and members of 2016 Varsity Lacrosse

The Ursuline School community will honor the life of Brendan Moyna P '14 '16 '19 at a special fundraising event at the home of Christina and Rick Trizano P '11 '17 on Friday, October 15. In a nod to Brendan’s all-time favorite show, the event will be themed “Friday Night Lights.” The funds raised will support Ursuline’s Innovation Campaign - specifically, the fantastic new bookstore located near the entrance to the school that will bear his name. The Brendan J. Moyna Bookstore is already a hot spot for students and seems a fitting tribute to a man who regularly sported TUS gear! 

Please join us as we pay tribute to a very special man.

Planning Committee

Lori Adair
The Apostolopoulos Family
Eileen Brennan and John Conlon
Leslie and Guy Corcoran
Joanne and Chris Daly
Cathryn and Brian Duffy
Kevin Duffy
Palmina Fava
Bryan Fay
The Gilchrist Family
Michele and Joe Granda
Cathy and Joe Hasselt
Anne and Chris Joao
Janet and George Kuntz
Sara and Bill Miller
The Moyna Family 
The Nyland Girls
MaryLou and Ed Pagano
Pauline and Sean Quinn
Sheila and Michael Sohr
Geri and Dan Taylor
The Trizano Family
Jeanne and John VanBramer
Liz Vitiello
Beth and Andy Woodtli

Junior Planning Committee

Madison Boutureira '18
Claire Corcoran '17
Milena Fava-Pastilha '19
Meghan Foster '15
Sara Granda '13
Nicole Joao Grinnell '12
Amanda Joao Gunning '13
Gabbie '17, Allie '17 and Juliana '19 Hasselt
Katie '19 and Chris Mancino
Erin Marley '25
Julia McGarvey '14
Kealy '14, Kristian '16, Kacey '19 and Kevin Moyna
Mackenzie Moyna '19
Katie Mulligan '18
Caroline Pagano '18
Jen Spillane '16
Julianna Sullivan '16
Nick, Jessie '11, Billy and Emily '17 Trizano
Kay Woodtli '17
Carly '14 and Luke Wooters
Brittany Yaeger '16
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Friends of Brendan

Abigail Weir '16

Pat Duffy

Edward Minson

Catherine and Robert Flood P '22

Al Merone

Linda Fair

Chris Wilson

Marissa Mugno P '20 '22

Friends of Brendan

Jacqueline and Eric DiMiceli

Gus Guido

Nick Guido

Michele DeSola Moyna '84 and Jim Moyna P '19

Donna Harrington P '08 '11

Kristina Bach

Jackie and Peter Buongiorno P '13 '15

Angela and Chris O'Hare

Friends of Brendan

Dalinda Granelli

Maureen Vaughan

Annie Woodtli '19

Madison Boutureira '17

Aileen Gallivan

Victoria Strazzera '13 and Johnny Sodano

Erin Freehill

Colleen Farelli

Friends of Brendan

Maggie Tracy '11

Catie Bradshaw '16

Aisling DeSola

Christine Colavita Latara '88

Maria Cermele Sayegh '85 and Tony Sayegh

Christian McHugh

Margo Kapp '16

Alanna Harrington '11

Friends of Brendan

Mike Daly and Lauren Caserta

Mary and Jeff Wall P '18 '22

Beth Mullery Clarke '00

Elizabeth Handler P '22

Lauren McMahon '11

Shannon Dufresne

The Mathews Family

The Hughes Family

Friends of Brendan

Patrick Dolgos

Kaitlin Mulligan '18

Francesca Strazzera '16

Juliana Hasselt '19

Brendan Dolan

Sarah and Brian Gilchrist

Dawn Frusciante Pasacreta '93 and John Pasacreta P '20

Friends of Brendan

Maria and Steven Abbattista P '17 '17

Cindy and Steve Castellano P '13

Michelle Curran Mancini '92

Carole White

Caroline Sohr '12

Kevin Sohr

Kathy and Katy Raymond

Lauren Dunn '15

Friends of Brendan

Maria and Steven Abbattista P '17 '17

Cindy and Steve Castellano P '13

Michelle Curran Mancini '92

Carole White

Caroline Sohr '12

Kevin Sohr

Kathy and Katy Raymond

Lauren Dunn '15

Friends of Brendan

Carolyn Astarita Hanrahan '95 and Kevin Hanrahan P '26 '27

Mary and Kevin Walsh P '16 '18

Kara and Tim Bonci

Pauline and Sean Quinn P '15

Palmina Fava P '19

Annmarie Moyna Showers

Erin Dolan '10

Gabrielle Hasselt '17

Friends of Brendan

Julia McGarvey '14

Lauren Deane Schwarz '81 P '21

Allison Deane Bishop '83

Liz Healy '94

Sarah Gies '14

Tina Dunn '92 P '25 '25

Meaghan Dolan '14

Molly Sheehan '14

Friends of Brendan

Laura Finneran P '17 '20

McShane Family, Elizabeth '12

Jean and Pete De Salvo P '08

Caitlin McGarvey '11

Rio and Girard Tunney P '21

Mary Beth and Luke Dougherty P '10

Katie Zottner Grady '88

Kitty Camarda '11

Friends of Brendan

Janet and George Kuntz P '17

Caroline Kuntz '17

Bernadette and Vincent Leva P '12 '15 '17

Courtney Stewart '13

Allie Hasselt '17

Laurie and Paul Wilson P '11

Mary McCooey P '11 '18

Megan McCooey '11

Friends of Brendan

Colleen Murphy Gallivan '88 and Danny Gallivan

Kathy Sohr Jedlicka '97 and Ron Jedlicka

Cathryn Melnyk Duffy '96 and Brian Duffy

Lori Adair

Kimberly Colasuonno '13

Maryann and Steven Caiazzo P '18

Ashley and Terence Huvane

Friends of Brendan

Jo-Ann Obergfell '88

Lisa Bonalle-Hannan '81 P'15

Anne Bonalle '15

Laurenn DeDecko

Andrea Milea P'11

Kristen Milea '11

The Campbell Family, Bridget '19

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose Sponsorship 

The Apostolopoulos Family

Denise and Tom Gilchrist

Cara Taylor P '25

Karen and Noel Cronin P '24 '25

Cara, Pat and Jack Cronin

Jeanne and Patrick Dolan P '10 '14

Nancy and Chris Gallin

Specchierla Family - Maureen, Tony, Therese '83, Michael

Friends of Brendan

Joanne and Chris Daly

Taryn Hennigan

Elizabeth Tyrrell '12

Terence Tracy

Katherine O'Brien

Thomas and Connor Gilchrist

Ciara '24 and Caitlin Cronin '25

Cate Taylor '25

Friends of Brendan

Eileen Davidson H'12 P'90 GP'19

Alexander Diachok

Luke Wooters

Katie Finneran '17

Maura and Chris McMahon

Nikki Apostolopoulos '14

Michael Apostolopoulos

Kerri and John Mulligan P'18

Friends of Brendan

Anna Boutureira P '17

Michelle and John Raffa

Tricia Reilly

Christie Mullery '92

Alexis Carlesimo '11

Abby Dolgos '15

Bethany Townley '11

Sarah Treganowan '16

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose Sponsorship 

Beth Schaefer Wooters '80 and Billy Wooters P'14

Geraldine and Mike Flynn P '24

Jeanne and John Van Bramer P '11 '14 '16

The McGarvey Family

Katie and Danny Sullivan P '11 '15

Doreen Mauro Napolitano '81 and Jerry Napolitano

Helen and Mike Daly P '02 GP '25

Friends of Brendan

Robin Riley and Martin Aviles P '17

Kyra Aviles '17

Marie Hickey P '09 '13

Barbarann and Bill McLoughlin P '17 '18

Katie McLoughlin '17

Brendan Doran and Brittany Ciano

Monique Geissler Keane '84 and Bill Keane P '22 '24

Friends of Brendan

Robert Levine P '13

Robert John Levine

Kathleen and Vincent Gallo

Aly Powell P '06 '14

Shannon Powell '14

Carly Wooters '14

Jennifer and Anthony Bruton P '25

Milly and Bob Sohr P '17 '19

Friends of Brendan

Suzanne McGarry Moore '88

Elio Vecchiarelli

Luisa and Frank Raniolo P '17

Patricia and Arthur DeAngelo

Carolyn, Amanda and Erika Moffa

Geri and Dan Taylor P '16 '19

Meredith Taylor '16

Marge Taylor '19

Friends of Brendan

Delia Molloy Bishop '88 and Jay Bishop

Laura Solimano Christie '88

Brittany Yaeger '16

Meghan Foster '15

Colleen Cleary

Amanda Leva '17

Kara Brennan '09

Jeanne Diachok

Friends of Brendan

Elizabeth '14, Katherine '11 and John Van Bramer

Lauren Lamadore '11 and Ryan Gaffney

Jeanne Moore-McEnroe '88

Trish & Dennis Heslin

Connor, Danny and Brendan Heslin

Laura Dedona-Hollatz '88 and Steve Hollatz

Friends of Brendan

Christopher Taylor P '25

Meg & Craig Tompkins

Rosemary Vrablic '78

Kevin Sohr

Leslie Roos Sepe '78

Liz and Joseph Vitiello P '17

Patricia and Fred Berrios P '15

Kimberly Hunter

Friends of Brendan

Elizabeth Leary-Fear '88

Kara Geissler Fitzgerald '88 and Michael Fitzgerald

Sara Granda '13, Cameron Granda and Annie Bosch

Christopher Joao

Brianna Lamadore '13

Resa and Richard Lamadore P '11 '13

Julianna Sullivan '16


The Taylor Sponsorship

Bill and Sara Miller

Sean and Pauline Quinn P '15

The Riggins Sponsorship

The Pagano Family

Cathy '84, John and Fallon '14 McCarthy


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose Sponsorship 

Sheila & Michael Sohr P '12

Marianne Nyland '81 and Liam Nyland

Michele and Joseph Granda P '13

Anne and Chris Joao P '12 '13

Irene Moyna GP '14 '16 '19 '19

Jeanne and Lloyd Doran

Doreen and John Sullivan P '16

Fr. Joseph Tierney

Friends of Brendan

Terence & Debra O'Toole P '10 '14

Amanda Joao Gunning '13 and Ryan Gunning

Nicole Joao Grinelle '12 and Robert Grinelle

Elizabeth and Joseph Vitiello P'17

Rosemary, Jim and Nora '12 Beirne  

Beth '78, Andy and Kay '17 Woodtli