Grant for Innovation Space


The H.W. Wilson Foundation continues their generous support of The Ursuline School

Ursuline's ongoing commitment to the redesign of learning spaces received a significant boost in October 2018 thanks to The H.W. Wilson Foundation whose $50,200 grant enabled a traditional classroom to become a contemporary and adaptable STEM lab capable of supporting project-based learning.

Grant image Room 310
Grant image interactive board

Designed by David Jakes, a former educator and expert on learning-space designs, the lab includes a Viewsonic Interactive Panel, writable walls, individual whiteboards, electric mobile towers, lab casework and sink, and adaptable furniture. Needless to say, it has been tremendously well received by students and teachers alike!

This is the sixth grant awarded to Ursuline by The H.W. Wilson Foundation. The first three grants made possible a re-imagined library so that students can study independently and collaboratively. Grants four and five funded the creation of our Engineering studio, complete with tools and portable maker technologies. 

The total grant funding from The H.W. Wilson Foundation now exceeds $175,000 for which we are extremely grateful to the trustees of the Foundation.