Dance program strengthens body, mind, and spirit

Self-expression and collaboration set to music.


Dance at Ursuline is a fun way for students to build healthy habits, body, mind, and spirit. With little or no experience, our students benefit from dance classes in many ways.

Building a valuable skill set

Dance requires practice, self-discipline, and time management. It’s a robust skill set for any student. 

Enhancing social skills

Like sports, dance provides a supportive environment where students learn to perform as a team. In dance class, students have fun together and learn to collaborate with their instructor while working on choreography.

Improving health and well-being

Dance students improve their physical well-being in a fun and safe space by building physical endurance, flexibility, and strength. Ballet class even fulfills Physical Education requirements at Ursuline.

In addition to Ballet class, there are many ways to get involved in dance at Ursuline.

Dance styles range from contemporary to Irish stepdance, Bollywood to jazz, and hip-hop to tap.

Most students find that professional dance instruction in our spacious modern dance studio creates a welcoming environment for dancers at all levels. All interested students are encouraged to explore after-school dance clubs and are invited to perform in the annual Spring Dance Festival.

Dance at Ursuline

Research shows that there’s a positive relationship between adolescent participation in performing arts, such as dance, and immediate and long-term academic, professional and personal accomplishments and satisfaction into adulthood."

- Arts Education Partnership

For more information on the research behind the importance of arts education click HERE.