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In addition to the Introduction to Art/Music program, elective courses in music appreciation, choral, and instrumental are also offered.

There are also many other venues for musically inclined students to hone their talents. The Ursuline Singers, Cantors, and Instrumental groups provide instruction and performance opportunities. In the spring, students take the lead in producing and performing in a Broadway-themed cabaret.

2022 - A Spring  Concert

The April 2022 Concert in the Tully Family Auditorium - Gymnasium once again offered an evening of beautiful vocals and instrumental music.  In a tribute to the Class of 2022, the orchestra played Remember Me from the movie Coco as baby pictures of the Seniors were displayed on a screen. 

2022 - Our 4th Annual Cabaret Raised Funds for Ukraine

Ursuline students again took the initiative to entirely produce a Broadway review with the purpose of raising funds for a charity of the students’ choosing. 

Scene from Hamilton


On March 4 and March 5, 2022, they raised over $2,000 which they donated to Voices of Children, a Ukrainian non-profit that helps children affected by the current warfare occurring in Ukraine, and Sanctuary for Families, a New York non-profit that helps victims of domestic abuse and their children.


Mean Girls number


Twenty-two students performed and seven participated as the Crew. Students cast, directed, choregraphed, created costumes, performed and produced the shows.

Evan Hansen number