Visual & Media Arts program brings out the artist in everyone

Ursuline's longstanding emphasis on arts education illustrates a myriad of benefits.


Ursuline's Visual & Media Arts program fosters creative expression with an interdisciplinary approach that aims to unlock her artistic abilities. At its heart is a dedicated and highly accomplished faculty who believe that all students are artists capable of making significant works of art.

The school year culminates with an Art Show where student work is fully displayed for all to enjoy. Our seniors set up one-woman shows. Each year, Ursuline buys several works of art from graduating seniors, resulting in an extensive display of student masterpieces.

Our students work in dedicated spaces, including four art classrooms, a kiln room, a broadcast studio, and a media arts center. Extracurricular art activities include Art Open Studio, Art of Sewing & Fabric Design Club, Art Club, Film Club, and Photography Club.

Making the Grade

Visual & Media Arts at Ursuline

Everyone is creative and anything can be beautiful."

- Ms. Pat DiIorio, Art teacher